Implementation Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Review account information in detail
Understand the customer's business objectives
Research industry trends and challenges
Identify potential issues that might arise during implementation
Set clear meeting objectives

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Discussion about the implementation process
  • Understanding customer needs and requirements
  • Explanation of product functionalities
  • Timeline for implementation
  • Key responsibilities and roles
  • Discuss potential challenges and mitigations
  • Plan for training and support
  • Wrap-up and next steps

Meeting Notes Template

  • Attendees and their roles
  • Customer business needs
  • Key functionalities discussed
  • Implementation timeline
  • Assigned responsibilities
  • Identified challenges and solutions
  • Training and support plan
  • Next steps

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Update CRM with meeting notes and outcomes
Record updates on the deal/opportunity/account
Add meeting contacts to the CRM
Send a follow-up email to all participants summarising the meeting
Notify colleagues about potential challenges and the plan to address them
Schedule a follow-up meeting if required