Implementation - Professional Services Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Update CRM with latest client interactions
Research client's business, industry, and implementation requirements
Predefine implementation plan based on client's needs
Review previous meeting notes to include any client-specific concerns
Set clear objectives for the meeting, focusing on achieving agreement on project scope and plan

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Introductions and roles clarification
  • Review of project goals and objectives
  • Verification of project scope and deliverables
  • Walkthrough of phased implementation plan
  • Discussing potential challenges and mitigation strategies
  • Establishment of communication plan and reporting protocols
  • Confirmation of key dates and milestones
  • Agreement on next steps and responsibilities

Meeting Notes Template

  • Stakeholder details and roles
  • Recap of project goals and objectives
  • Details of project scope and deliverables agreed upon
  • Phased implementation plan specifics
  • Potential challenges brought up and proposed solutions
  • Communication plan and reporting protocols
  • Key dates and milestones confirmed
  • Agreed next steps and responsibilities

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Update CRM with meeting outcomes and important notes
Draft summary of meeting and share with team members
Send follow-up email to the client, summarizing key points of discussion, agreed plan, and next steps
Determine next meeting invite or call to action based on the project timeline
Update related opportunities, contacts in your CRM