Product Demo Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Set clear objectives for the demo
Review any previous interactions with the prospect
Research the individuals or team you're to meet
Fully understand your product's features, functions, and capabilities
Create a Customized Demo Plan relevant to the prospect
Tailor your language, examples, and demos to match the prospect's needs
Gather and ready any relevant materials
Practice the demo to familiarize yourself with the setup and time constraints
Identify common objections and prepare detailed responses
Coordinate with your team to assign specific roles or responsibilities
Double-check meeting logistics
Share the meeting agenda in advance
Test your tech
Have a backup plan ready

Meeting Agenda Template

  1. Opening and Agenda Review
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Recap of agenda and objectives
  1. Understanding Customer Needs
  • Review the customer's pain points, challenges, and goals
  • Ask about the prospect's specific areas of interest or concern
  1. Product Introduction
  • Give a brief overview of your company and product
  • Highlight key benefits and unique selling points
  1. Demo Presentation
  • Showcase key features and benefits relevant to the prospect
  • Explain how these features address the customer's pain points
  • Walk through common use cases or scenarios
  • Highlight how your product/service solves real-world problems
  • Invite the prospect to interact with the product (if possible)
  • Encourage them to experience key features firsthand
  • Show how you can tailor the product/service to fit their specific needs
  • Discuss how your product works with their existing tools
  1. Value Proposition
  • Summarize the key value points demonstrated
  • Reiterate how your product solves the prospect's challenges
  1. Next Steps
  • Discuss the next steps in the post-demo process
  • Discuss any additional resources or materials you will provide
  1. Q & A and Objections
  • Encourage the prospect to ask questions and share feedback or concerns
  • Address any prospect objections and concerns
  • Reiterate the value of your solution in response to objections
  • Request feedback on the demo and address any outstanding concerns
  1. Closing and Thank You
  • Summarize the key points discussed
  • Confirm the prospect's commitment and timeline for the next steps
  • Thank the prospect for their time and engagement

Meeting Notes Template

  1. Basic Information:
  • Date and time
  • Attendees and their roles
  • Contact information
  1. Key Features and Functions:
  • Product/service and features demonstrated to the prospect
  • Key features that align with the prospect’s needs or pain points
  • Opportunities for product customization
  • Any technical specifications or requirements
  1. Prospect Information:
  • Pain points or challenges mentioned by the prospect
  • Prospect’s goals and objectives
  • Questions, concerns, or objections raised
  • Prospect’s interest level in specific features
  • Positive and negative feedback the prospect mentions
  • Competitors or alternative solutions the prospect is considering
  1. Next Steps:
  • Agreed-upon next steps and deadlines
  • Roles and responsibilities for next steps
  1. Summarize:
  • Key takeaways and confirmed next steps

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Review meeting notes
Update CRM with meeting notes and contact information
Upload meeting recording/transcript to CRM
Update any outcomes and potential opportunity records in CRM
Schedule a follow-up meeting if applicable
Share key takeaways and insights with relevant colleagues
Address any action items or follow-up tasks agreed upon
Send personalized follow-up email thanking the prospect, recapping the meeting, and outlining next steps
Share any additional resources with the prospect
Set a reminder for follow-up meeting
Plan and prepare for follow-up meeting