Product Demo - Manufacturing Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Research customer's business and pain points
Understand customer's industry and competitors
Prepare a customized product demo showcasing how it meets customer's needs
Review product features, benefits, and specifications
Confirm meeting logistics (date, time, location/online platform)
Prepare demonstration equipment and check it's functioning

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Introduction
  • Overview of manufacturing process
  • Key product features and benefits
  • Detailed product demonstration
  • Q&A
  • Discuss customization options
  • Pricing and delivery details
  • Next steps

Meeting Notes Template

  • Attendees
  • Customer's initial reactions
  • Questions asked
  • Responses given
  • Any objections raised and how they were handled
  • Customer's interest level in customization
  • Follow-Up items

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Compile and review meeting notes
Upload meeting notes and any recordings/transcript to CRM
Update contact and opportunity records
Send a follow-up email summarizing the meeting and next steps
Share meeting summary with colleagues
Schedule follow-up meeting/call if needed