Introductory Call - Manufacturing Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Review the customer's website, recent news, and industry trends
Understand the roles of all meeting attendees
Review past interactions with the customer
Assemble case studies that resonate with customer's potential challenges
Prepare talking points on our manufacturing solutions that can benefit customer

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Greet the customer and introduce each team
  • Brief presentation of our company and its capabilities
  • Discuss customer's business including their goals, challenges, and how they see their industry evolving
  • Overview of our manufacturing solutions relevant to their needs
  • Sharing customer success stories
  • Q&A session

Meeting Notes Template

  • Participants' names and roles
  • Brief notes on what the customer shared about their business
  • The customer's perceived challenges and opportunities
  • Our proposed solutions and their reaction
  • Questions raised by customer and our responses
  • Next steps agreed on

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Document the session in the CRM, summarizing main points and agreed actions
Update the customer contact information based on met attendees
Log any notable customer insights
Share meeting notes with relevant internal teams
Send a follow-up email to the customer recapping the call and detailing next steps
Schedule a follow-up call, if required