Final Presentation - Manufacturing Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Review previous discussions and meeting notes
Prepare the final proposal that is tailored to the client's specific needs
Research any unresolved queries from previous meetings
Plan for possible objections and prepare responses
Bring necessary materials such as product samples, prototypes, or demonstrations
Coordinate with team to be on the same page if multiple participants are presenting

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Recap the client's specific problems and needs
  • Present the final proposal
  • Go through the specific solutions and benefits for the client
  • Discuss deliverables and timeline
  • Walk through implementation plan and support
  • Address any unresolved questions
  • Next steps and possible signing of the agreement

Meeting Notes Template

  • Participants list
  • Client's reaction to the proposal
  • Questions raised and responses given
  • Objections, if any, and the discussion around them
  • Agreements and disagreements
  • Action items and responsible parties
  • Next steps

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Log meeting notes, any recording/transcript, and outcomes in CRM
Update contacts and opportunities according to the meeting's results
Develop a follow-up email summarizing the meeting and send it to the client
Share a summary of the meeting with your team and plan for next steps
Prepare any necessary paperwork or agreements for signing
Schedule next meeting if necessary