Quarterly Business Review (QBR) - Professional Services Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Review last quarter's meeting notes and actions
Analyze client's performance metrics and KPIs
Identify any challenges or issues faced by the client
Research on relevant new features or services
Prepare update on current projects
Obtain and review customer feedback
Develop draft goals and objectives for next quarter

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Review of last quarter's KPIs and metrics
  • Discussion on challenges faced last quarter and solutions implemented
  • Review of client's current projects and status updates
  • Demonstration of new features or services, if any
  • Discussion on upcoming projects or initiatives
  • Review of customer feedback and service improvements
  • Setting goals and objectives for next quarter
  • Open forum for any questions or concerns
  • Wrap up and meeting close

Meeting Notes Template

  • Participant list
  • Last quarter's KPIs and metrics results
  • Challenges and solutions discussed
  • Status of current projects
  • New features or services presented
  • Upcoming projects or initiatives
  • Customer feedback and service improvements discussed
  • Goals and objectives for next quarter
  • Questions and answers from open forum
  • Actions and responsibilities

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Log meeting notes in CRM
Update client's performance metrics and KPIs
Document challenges, solutions, and upcoming projects
Follow through on any assigned actions
Update the client's contact data and opportunity status
Send a follow-up email summarizing the meeting, next steps, and thank you note
Share a summary of the meeting with relevant team members