Review / Check-in - Professional Services Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Review prior meetings notes, decisions, and actions taken
Analyze the project's current status and key milestones
Identify and evaluate challenges, risks and mitigation strategy
Prepare a report on the services provided and their impact
List down client's outstanding questions and plan responses
Gather any latest updates from the project team
Set the meeting objectives and desired outcomes

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Greet attendees and brief introductions
  • Recap of previous meeting and actions taken
  • Review of the project progress and milestones achieved
  • Discuss any challenges, risks and how to tackle them
  • Client's feedback on the services provided
  • Discuss ongoing support and issues, if any
  • Highlight upcoming milestones and deliverables
  • Address any queries or concerns from the client
  • Next steps and plan for the next check-in meeting

Meeting Notes Template

  • Attendee names and roles
  • Client's feedback points
  • Actions taken since the last meeting
  • Current project progress
  • Challenges, risks and resolution strategies
  • Upcoming deliverables and targets
  • Client's queries and their responses
  • Decisions made and next steps

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Summarize the meeting and update the notes in CRM
Update project status, challenges, and next steps
Notify project team of the decisions made and actions to be taken
Send a follow-up email to the client summarizing key discussion points and agreed next steps
Schedule the next check-in meeting
Share a meeting summary with colleagues involved in the project