Final Presentation - Professional Services Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Thoroughly Review Identified Client Needs
Develop and Review Final Presentation
Understand Key Discussion Points
Identify Potential Customer Questions and Prepare Answers
Schedule and Organize the Meeting Space

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Introduction and Ice Breaker
  • Recap of Previous Engagements and Discussions
  • Sharing Final Presentation
  • Discussing Key Highlights
  • Addressing Customer's Concerns and Questions
  • Exploring Next Possible Steps
  • Conclusion and Thank you

Meeting Notes Template

  • Particulars of the Attendees
  • Key Points Raised and Discussed
  • Customer's Queries and Concerns
  • Decisions Made
  • Key Highlights Discussed
  • Next Steps

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Send Thank You Email to Customer
Share Meeting Minutes Internally
Log Meeting Notes into CRM
Send Final Presentation Copy to Customer
Update Opportunities in the System
Develop and Schedule Next Actions