Executive Business Review (EBR) - Professional Services Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Thoroughly review account history and engagement results
Prepare presentation on key milestones and achievements
Identify any challenges or blockers and possible solutions
Analyze customer satisfaction metrics
Prepare a proposal for future services engagement or expansion
Develop a project timeline and responsibilities chart for the next quarter
Conduct internal team alignment meeting to ensure all stakeholders are onboard

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Recap of the project/engagement to date
  • Share key milestones and achievements
  • Discuss ongoing initiatives and blockers (if any)
  • Deep dive into qualitative and quantitative results
  • Review of customer satisfaction metrics
  • Proposal for future professional services engagement or expansion
  • Discuss project timeline and responsibilities for the next quarter
  • Open floor to customer feedback and questions

Meeting Notes Template

  • Introduction and recap
  • Key milestones and achievements
  • Ongoing initiatives and blockers
  • Qualitative and quantitative results
  • Customer satisfaction metrics
  • Proposal for future engagement
  • Next quarter's project timeline and responsibilities
  • Customer feedback and questions

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Document key points discussed in the CRM
Update contacts and opportunities based on the meeting
Send a personalized follow-up email to the client recapping the discussion and next steps
Share a meeting summary with colleagues
Schedule a meeting to address any customer feedback or questions