Stakeholder Alignment - Professional Services Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Research and understand each stakeholder's individual interests
Review past meeting notes to identify previous actions and progress
Prepare an overview of current services/product offerings
Identify how these offerings align with each stakeholder's objectives
Develop a preliminary action plan for stakeholder alignment

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Review of previous action items and progress
  • Discussion of stakeholder interests and alignment
  • Overview of current services/product offerings
  • Alignment of services/products with stakeholder objectives
  • Development of action plan regarding stakeholder alignment
  • Discussion of next steps
  • Conclusion and scheduling of the next meeting

Meeting Notes Template

  • Attendees and their roles
  • Summary of discussion points
  • Stakeholder alignment insights
  • Services/products discussed and their relevance to stakeholder objectives
  • Action plan for stakeholder alignment
  • Next steps and agreements

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Log meeting notes, and any recording/transcript in the CRM
Update contact and opportunity information
Send a follow-up email summarizing the meeting and outlining the agreed upon next steps
Share a summary and action plan with colleagues
Schedule the next meeting with stakeholders