Negotiation - Professional Services Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Review previous communications and understand the negotiation points
Make a list of our counter-proposals
Identify potential objections and prepare responses
Plan the negotiation strategy
Think through possible outcomes

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Introductions and recap on discussions so far
  • Exploring your negotiation points
  • Presenting our counter-proposals
  • Addressing concerns and overcoming objections
  • Discussing timelines and next steps
  • Setting expectations for follow-up communications

Meeting Notes Template

  • Names and roles of everyone present
  • Key negotiation points from the other party
  • Our counter-proposals
  • Any objections raised and our responses
  • Any agreements or decisions made
  • Timeline and next steps discussed
  • Follow-up actions and who is responsible

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Review and organize the notes
Log meeting outcomes in CRM
Update contacts and opportunities
Send a follow-up email summarizing the discussion and next steps
Share the meeting summary with colleagues as necessary