Contract Renewal - Professional Services Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Review the existing contract thoroughly
Understand the services provided and their outcomes
Prepare a comprehensive new contract proposal
Document any improvements or changes made during the contract period
Note down potential objections the client may have and prepare responses
Brush up on any new compliance or legalities
Set the meeting's objectives and desired outcomes

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Introductory pleasantries
  • Recap of the services provided during the contract term
  • Insights on improvements or changes made during the contract period
  • Discussion on the client's objections, if any
  • Presentation of the new contract proposal
  • Value proposition and benefits of renewal
  • Addressing any new compliance or legalities
  • Final feedback and questions session
  • Next steps and closure

Meeting Notes Template

  • Participants list and their roles
  • Key points from the contract recap
  • Client objections and their responses
  • Details from the new contract proposal presentation
  • Client's reactions and responses
  • Final feedback
  • Agreements and disagreements
  • Action items and next steps

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Log the meeting notes in the CRM
Upload any recordings or transcripts if made
Update the contacts and opportunities based on the meeting
Send a summary of the meeting to the client and internal team
Draft and send a follow-up email reinforcing the value proposition of renewal
Schedule a follow-up call or meeting if necessary