Creative Briefing Meetings - Marketing Agency Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Review any previous meeting notes and correspondence with the client
Prepare an overview of your understanding of the project
Develop potential questions related to project objectives, messaging, and timeline
Understand the client's industry, product/services, and their competition
Be ready to take detailed notes to ensure all necessary information is captured

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Greeting and brief introductions
  • Recap of previous discussions and agreement
  • Presentation of the creative brief
  • Detailed discussion on project objectives and expectations
  • Discussing target audience and key messaging
  • Discussing project timeline and deliverables
  • Client's input and insights on the brief
  • Asking any clarifying questions
  • Next steps and closing remarks

Meeting Notes Template

  • Participant names and roles
  • Key discussion points
  • Confirmed project objectives
  • Confirmed target audience and key messaging
  • Confirmed project timeline and deliverables
  • Client's additional insights and suggestions
  • Questions asked and their responses
  • Agreed upon next steps

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Log meeting notes, any recording/transcript into CRM
Update client contacts and opportunities with new information from the meeting
Send a follow-up email to the client, summarizing key points discussed and agreed upon next steps
Share a meeting summary with relevant team members
Begin work on the creative brief based on the client's inputs