Escalation Call - Marketing Agency Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Understand the issue by reviewing the customer's history
Speak with the team members directly involved
Document key issues and the impact on the client
Develop proposed solutions and alternatives
Consult with the leadership team or experts if needed
Prepare an implementation timeline for the solutions

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Acknowledge the client's concerns and express appreciation for the opportunity to discuss them
  • Review the issues raised by the client
  • Discuss the root cause of the issues
  • Propose solutions and alternatives
  • Discuss the implementation plan for the agreed solutions
  • Identify any additional resources or support needed
  • Establish and agree on a timeline for implementing the solutions
  • Enclose the call with the next steps and assurance on resolution

Meeting Notes Template

  • Details about the client's concerns
  • Explanation of the root cause of the problems
  • The proposed solutions/alternatives and their reactions
  • The agreed-upon solution
  • Identified additional resources or support needed
  • The agreed timeline for solution implementation
  • Next steps and commitments made at the end of the call

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Document the meeting details in the CRM
Share a meeting summary with relevant team members
Send a follow-up email to the client summarizing the call, agreed solutions, and timeline
Update the client's account with any changes
Inform the team about the required actions for resolving the client's concerns
Monitor the progress against the agreed timeline