Campaign Planning Meetings - Marketing Agency Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Review previous meeting notes
Assess previous campaigns and their outcomes
Research client's business objectives
Analyze the client's target market and competition
Sketch initial campaign ideas
Prepare key discussion points and necessary metrics
Discuss internally and align on different roles and budgets

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Introduction and review of previous campaigns
  • Evaluation of KPIs and ROI of previous campaigns
  • Discussion on the client's business goals and objectives for the upcoming campaign
  • Exploring customer profiles and target audience
  • Suggestion and brainstorming of campaign ideas
  • Discussion on campaign strategies and channels
  • Setting up campaign budget and timelines
  • Assignment of roles and responsibilities
  • Discussion on measurement of campaign success
  • Q&A and next steps for the campaign

Meeting Notes Template

  • Key takeaways from the client's business objectives
  • Campaign ideas suggested
  • Chosen campaign strategies
  • Assigned roles and responsibilities
  • Agreed upon budget and timeline
  • Measurement metrics for campaign success
  • Follow-up actions and timeline

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Log detailed meeting notes in the CRM
Update contact and opportunity information
Send a follow-up email to the client recapping the meeting and next steps
Share a summary of the meeting with relevant colleagues
Start working on the assigned roles
Monitor the campaign planning process