Negotiation - Marketing Agency Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Thoroughly review the previous meetings' notes and overall client's information
Analyze client's goals, pain points and how the agency's services can address them
Collaboratively work with the team to develop a flexible pricing strategy
Prepare relevant specifics about the agency's services and their benefits
Keep a concise summary of contractual terms and potential amendments ready
Draft possible rebuttals for anticipated objections

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Introduction and purpose of the meeting
  • Recap of previous discussions and client needs
  • Discussion of proposed marketing solutions and services
  • Explanation of pricing models and potential discounts
  • Addressing client concerns or queries
  • Deliberation on the contractual terms and revisions
  • Discussion on next steps
  • Summary of the meeting and agreeing on follow-up actions

Meeting Notes Template

  • Key points raised during meeting
  • Client’s questions and responses
  • Notable terms mentioned during contract discussions
  • Conditions upon which the client agreed/disagreed
  • Points of contention and possible solutions
  • Follow-up tasks and responsibilities assigned

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Summarize and log meeting minutes into the CRM system
Mark any alterations to be made in the contract
Update all relevant contact and opportunity details
Send a follow-up email summarizing salient points of discussion, what has been agreed upon, and next steps
Share a summary of the meeting with relevant team members and solicit their feedback
Plan a follow-up meeting if necessary