Final Presentation - Marketing Agency Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Review past discussions, meeting notes and deliverables
Understand customer's business model and marketing objectives
Prepare a comprehensive presentation covering all projects, outcomes and metrics
Draft possible questions and appropriate answers
Determine meet’s ultimate objective and success metrics
Set up the tech necessary for the presentation to ensure everything is functioning properly

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Quick introduction of attendees and their roles
  • Recap of previous interactions and meetings
  • Objective of the current meeting
  • Detailed presentation of marketing strategies and campaign outcomes
  • Open up for questions, queries or observations
  • Discuss next steps and potential future collaborations
  • Schedule follow-up or conclusive meeting if necessary

Meeting Notes Template

  • Names and roles of all attendees
  • Key talking points made during the presentation
  • Questions, queries or observations from the client
  • Agreed upon next steps
  • Schedule for follow-up or conclusive meeting if applicable

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Add meeting notes and recording/transcript to CRM
Update contact profiles and opportunities based on meeting discussions
Send a follow-up summary email to client highlighting the main points of discussion
Share meeting summary with internal team
Begin planning for next interactions based on agreed upon next steps