Negotiation - Third-party Logistics Company (3PL) Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Conduct thorough internal and external account research to understand the customer's business and logistics needs
Review past negotiation discussions, agreements, and any open points
Formulate negotiation strategy, identify key negotiation points
Establish clear objectives and goals for the meeting
Prepare necessary documentation, like pricing details, service commitment and timelines

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Review of previous discussions and agreements
  • Outline of negotiation key points
  • Discussion on the pivotal issues, terms and conditions
  • Review of pricing and service timelines
  • Address any queries, concerns or issues from both parties
  • Identify next steps and agreements

Meeting Notes Template

  • Record attendees and their positions
  • Note the major points of discussion
  • Note specific issues addressed, and any action points
  • Detail any decisions or agreements made
  • List next steps and deadlines, if identified

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Log meeting notes, recordings, and outcomes in the CRM system
Update contact information and opportunities accordingly in the system
Send a follow-up email summarizing the key discussion points and actions
Share meeting summary with colleagues and relevant stakeholders
Prepare for next steps as agreed in the meeting