Meetingflow for Third-party Logistics Companies (3PLs)

We know the routine: meticulously preparing for client briefings, navigating the intricate web of CRM updates after every operational review, and digging deep for that one piece of feedback amidst a mountain of shipment reports.

Sound like a typical day? Discover Meetingflow.

We've fashioned templates just for those cornerstone moments in the 3PL client lifecycle, from initial logistics assessments to post-shipment evaluations. Integrate these templates into Meetingflow, and access features curated for logistics: AI call recording for capturing intricate shipment details, seamless collaboration for multi-point delivery plans, and automated email summaries for post-operation reviews.

While you're absolutely free to take, adjust, and deploy our templates as needed, when used in Meetingflow, you're poised for a groundbreaking logistics client experience. Let's streamline every logistics conversation together. 🚀

10 Meeting Templates for the Third-party Logistics Company (3PL) customer lifecycle