Proposal Presentation - Third-party Logistics Company (3PL) Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Review previous communications with the prospect
Understand the prospect's needs, challenges, and objectives
Finalize the proposal including solutions, features, benefits, and costs
Prepare a customizable presentation including all key points of the proposal
Identify potential objections or concerns the prospect may have and plan for addressing them
Prepare for the Q&A session by anticipating potential questions

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Introduction and recap of previous discussions
  • Present the proposal's objectives and key points
  • Dive deeper into the features and benefits of proposed solutions
  • Discuss implementation plan, timeline, and associated costs
  • Address any potential concerns or barriers
  • Summarize the proposal and main points
  • Set the next steps, expectations and timeframe
  • Q&A session and clarification on any points

Meeting Notes Template

  • Names and roles of meeting participants
  • Recap of previous discussions
  • Prospect's reaction to the proposal’s key points
  • Questions and concerns raised by the prospect
  • Answers and clarifications provided
  • Summary of the proposal presented
  • Agreed next steps, expectations, and timeframe
  • Points to follow up on after the meeting

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Log meeting notes, recording/transcript, and outcomes in the CRM
Update contact and opportunity information based on the meeting
Send a follow-up email to the prospect summarizing the meeting, addressing any additional questions, and confirming the next steps
Share a meeting summary with internal team members
Plan for the next steps in the sales process