Escalation Call - Enterprise Software Company Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Review the contract and service level agreement (SLA)
Study the issue in detail and understand the implications
Understand previous discussions and attempts made to resolve the issue
Prepare a resolution plan, including contingencies
Identify preventative measures to avoid future escalations

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Reiterate the purpose of the call and set expectations
  • Review the issue(s) that led to the escalation
  • Discuss the steps taken so far to address the issue(s)
  • Outline the proposed resolution plan
  • Seek the client's feedback on the proposed plan
  • Discuss any preventative measures to avoid future escalations
  • Set a timeline for issue resolution and a date for the next follow-up call

Meeting Notes Template

  • Detailed record of the issue(s) leading to the escalation
  • Steps taken and their outcomes
  • Proposed resolution plan
  • Client's feedback and concerns
  • Agreed upon preventative measures
  • Timeline for issue resolution and next follow-up call date

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Document the meeting in the CRM including important details and timelines
Update associated opportunities, if relevant
Send a meeting summary and the resolution plan to the client
Share meeting summary and action plan with relevant internal teams
Begin implementation of resolution plan
Schedule the next follow-up call