Introductory Call - Enterprise Software Company Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Research the client's company and industry
Understand their challenges, business model, and competitors
Prepare a personalized presentation
Plan the product demo tailored to client's needs
Understand and define our value proposition in terms of the client's needs
Ensure all technology for the call is functioning (e.g. video conferencing, screen sharing)

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Brief company overview
  • Discuss client's business needs and objectives
  • Present our company's solutions and how they align with the client's goals
  • Initial product demo if applicable
  • Discuss next steps and set follow-up meeting
  • Q&A session

Meeting Notes Template

  • Timestamp on Introduction and welcome
  • Client's reaction to company overview
  • Key points from discussion about client's business needs and objectives
  • Main reactions to our solutions and demo
  • Any specific client requests or concerns
  • Details on next steps and follow-up meeting
  • Questions raised during Q&A and answers given

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Log meeting notes and any recording/transcript in CRM
Update contacts and opportunities based on discussion
Send a follow-up email to the client summarizing the call and agreeing on the next steps
Share a summary of the call with colleagues
Schedule the follow-up meeting
Reflect on the call and devise plan for improvement