Onboarding - Enterprise Software Company Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Review the client's information from the CRM
Understand the client's industry and specific needs
Prepare a presentation tailored to the client's needs
Coordinate with the technical team for potential issues
Set clear objectives for the onboarding process
Develop a list of questions to understand the client's expectations
Decide the team members who will be present during the meeting

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Overview of the company's software products
  • Explanation of core features and functionalities
  • Presentation of the implementation plan
  • Discussion about user roles and access levels
  • Formation of a training plan and schedule
  • Addressing client’s concerns or questions
  • Review and agreement of the next steps

Meeting Notes Template

  • Clients present:
  • Main points discussed:
  • Questions and concerns from clients:
  • Points of agreement:
  • Points of disagreement:
  • Next steps:
  • Schedule for follow-up:

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Add notes to the client's record in the CRM
Update the schedule and next steps in the CRM
Send a summary email to the client recapping the meeting
Notify the technical team about any issues brought up
Discuss with the sales team any opportunities identified
Prepare materials and timeline for scheduled trainings
Plan for a follow-up meeting or call as agreed