RFP, RFI, RFQ Response - Enterprise Software Company Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Thoroughly review the RFP, RFI, RFQ
Internal meeting to align on the proposed solution
Research about the prospect's business, challenges, and industry
Prepare clear and concise responses to the specific requirements
Review past work or case studies to share

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Brief review of the RFP, RFI, or RFQ objectives
  • Presentation of the proposed solution and its alignment with the objectives
  • Addressing specific questions or requirements outlined in the RFP, RFI, RFQ
  • Presentation of the company's capabilities and credentials
  • Discussion of potential issues and how to resolve them
  • Next steps in the process
  • Schedule following meetings

Meeting Notes Template

  • Attendee list
  • Minutes of the meeting
  • Key questions or concerns raised by the client
  • Important points made during our presentation
  • Agreed upon next steps
  • List of follow-up actions and who is responsible for each
  • Schedule for next meetings

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Document minutes of the meeting and responses
Update these details in the CRM system
Send follow-up emails to attendees with a summary of the meeting and next steps
Schedule following meetings
Share a summary of meeting with colleagues
Review and refine proposal as needed based on client feedback
Mark project milestones in the project management software