Proposal Presentation - Manufacturing Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Conduct a comprehensive research on the customer's current manufacturing setup and their requirements
Familiarize yourself with the proposed solution and resources needed for the implementation
Prepare a short introduction of your company and its capabilities
Prepare detailed cost, ROI, and timeline estimates
Prepare for potential questions and concerns

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Review of Customer's Current Manufacturing Situation
  • Introduction of Your Company and its Capabilities
  • Detailed Presentation of the Proposed Solution
  • Discussing the Implementation Plan
  • Review of Costs, ROI, and Timeline
  • Session for Questions and Answers
  • Discussion on Next Steps

Meeting Notes Template

  • Attendee names and roles
  • Key points from customers’ current situation
  • Notable reactions to the proposed solution
  • Questions and concerns raised
  • Agreements and disagreements on ROI and timeline
  • Decisions made or postponed
  • Follow-up actions and next steps agreed upon

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Log meeting notes, recording/transcript (if any), and outcomes in the CRM
Update contact and opportunity details
Send a follow-up email to the customer summarizing the meeting and next steps
Share meeting summary with colleagues and key stakeholders
Prepare for the next meeting or action agreed upon