Contract Renewal - Enterprise Software Company Template

Meeting Prep Checklist

Review contract history and understand initial terms agreed upon
Gather utilization data and other relevant metrics
Understand the client's current and future needs
Prepare a renewal proposal with potential improvements or enhancements in the offer
Rehearse the renewal pitch, focusing on the value and benefit delivered to the client

Meeting Agenda Template

  • Recap on the benefit and value received from using our software
  • Review utilization stats and any areas for improvement
  • Discuss client's future needs and potential alignment with our roadmap
  • Address any concerns, challenges or issues client has experienced
  • Present renewal proposal along with any new features or enhancements
  • Negotiate terms of contract renewal
  • Agree on next steps and timeline

Meeting Notes Template

  • Client sentiment and feedback on current contract
  • Client's needs or challenges
  • Utilization statistics discussed
  • Any potential points of negotiation
  • The contract renewal terms discussed
  • Agreed upon next steps and timeline

Meeting Follow-up Checklist

Update the CRM with meeting notes, and the recording/transcript if available
Send a follow-up email summarizing the meeting and the agreed upon next steps
Inform the internal team about the contract renewal status
Update the contract renewal proposal based on the meeting discussion, if required
Schedule next meeting or action points based on agreed timeline